Character Creation

Ability Scores

We’ll be using the ability score rules on page 16 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook ( PCR) (or here). We will use the Epic Fantasy build of 25 points. No ability score can be lowered below 10 except because of racial adjustments (if any).

RP Note: Twenty-five points for stats means your characters are far superior to the average person. This should be reflected in your character background and possibly your personality. Does your character realize they are superior? How has that fact effected/influenced them? How does it impact how they treat others and how others treat them?


The Malazan setting is not the normal Pathfinder setting. Humans are currently the dominant race and the only appropriate race for PCs. There are other races, but they are all far older and far too powerful to be player characters. The following races (Human sub-races) are the only ones allowed as player races for this campaign:

Dal Honese


Character Creation

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